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Lithium VS Alkaline Batteries: The Difference Explained

Technology plays a big role in our lives. New generations of laptops, mobiles, tablets and other smart gadgets are released constantly, each of which have new features and tools to facilitate our daily chores and help us make better use of our time – or sometimes waste it, if you are on to games and social media platforms! In order for these new technologies to be portable and give us the freedom of movement, they operate on either rechargeable or disposable batteries. Batteries have come a long way from huge…

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5 tech questions with answers IT Support & Managment 

Five Tech Questions Everyone Is Asking

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday life. The more we use it, the more problems we encounter and questions we ask that need answers. The following five questions in particular have become controversial amongst people around the world with many looking for the final true answers. In this article, we will share our opinion as tech professionals and help you unveil this mystery. 1- Should I really eject my USB driver? One of the highly controversial questions around the world and people have two very different opinions…

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