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Must-have technology for new businesses

Whether you are staring as a sole trader or establishing a large company with many employees, one thing you need to consider is the type of computing infrastructure your business needs to run smoothly and effectively.

Even though each business is unique in its identity and requirements, all today’s businesses need these basic technologies to start with:

IT Consultant

It’s the 21st century and with many technologies out there in the market, each of which has different specifications and purposes, having an IT consultant is a no brainer!

Think about it like this, no matter how good you are in mathematics and how extensive your legal knowledge is, you still need to hire an accountant to do your finance and a lawyer to manage your business’ legal documents. It’s as simple as this, an IT consultant is a must to ensure that you are investing your money on technologies that will drive your business to success, not pull you down and hinder your progress.


Computers have become an essential need of today’s businesses, whether large or small. You need computers for the smallest tasks, such as sending an email or writing a document to more complex ones, such as designing the layout of a new shopping centre or editing a Marvel movie!

Finding the right computers for your business is unfortunately not an easy task. There are many specifications you need to consider depending on the industry you work in and the software you expect to be working on. For example, if you are running a furniture company and you only expect to use computers for daily communications with your clients, printing some documents and managing your website you can probably use a good quality basic computer; i3 – 2.4 GHz processor, 320 RPM hard drive and 4 GB RAM. Now, if you give the same PC to a marketing company that design videos and billboard ads for their clients it’s going to be a disaster. The PC is quite likely to freeze repeatedly, struggle with designing software such as Adobe Illustrator and After Effect and force their users to restart it and lose all their unsaved files.

Some people might be tempted to buy cheap computers for the time being and then replace them later with high-quality ones once they start generating profit. We can’t say this enough, bad quality computers are most likely to slow you down, reduce the quality of your work and thus, your clients’ trust and not to mention decreasing your employees’ satisfaction and pushing them to leave the job which can also cost your business more than you think.

Your best bet is to discuss your business requirements with your IT consultant and they will be able to advise about the minimum requirements for the type of your business and help you customise your own PCs if needed.

Internet Access

No matter what type of business you are running, you need a fast and reliable internet access. It’s a basic requirement for any business in this Internet of Things era. In fact, Internet access is now a basic human right as announced by the UN on June 2016!

Your IT consultant will calculate the minimum internet speed that your business needs to function smoothly and effectively, advise you about the different types of routers and the optimal one in terms of security and WIFI coverage for your business and highlight the best practices to reduce lag and increase your broadband speed.

Telephone System

The telephone system is the lifeline of your business and with VoIP phones taking over the landline systems, getting a decent fully functional telephone system in you premise has never been easier and more affordable. VoIP telephony offers endless features for modern businesses such as scalability, flexible geographical numbering, working remotely, call recording, call hunting and more, all at a very affordable price. Learn more about VoIP systems.


Every business today needs a website to success. It’s as simple as that. People usually feel more comfortable purchasing services and products from providers with websites and good reviews. However, your website needs to be rich with good quality content, reflect the ethos and identity of your business and be fully functional with no empty pages and links leading to nowhere or it will negatively impact the growth of your business and push away many potential clients.

Your IT consultant should be able to advise you of a trusted web developer that can ensure all the above points are met, maintain your website and protect it from potential hackers and viruses.

Business Email & Domains

If you are using a generic free email for your business such as (Mike@gmail.com or Mike@yahoo.co.uk) people are more likely to question the credibility of your company, avoid purchasing any services or products from your website and treat your emails as spams.

Having a domain with your business name in and utilising it for email such as (John@yourbusiness.co.uk) will make you look more professional and trustworthy and increase your leads and profit.

Data security

The last but most important requirement for any newly established business today is to ensure a reliable IT security strategy is taking place and protecting their clients’ data. Any breach in data security can cost you more than you think; not only big financial losses but also reputational damage and legal consequences under the data protection act, GDPR and PCI.

Your IT consultant should be able to offer you a cyber security plan to ensure that your system is protected against cyberattacks. They can also develop an IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), that is tailored to your business, which will document the necessary protocol to restore your lost data and recover your system in a worst case scenario.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0345 200 1185 or send us an email to info@daffodil-it.co.uk

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