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Lithium VS Alkaline Batteries: The Difference Explained

Technology plays a big role in our lives. New generations of laptops, mobiles, tablets and other smart gadgets are released constantly, each of which have new features and tools to facilitate our daily chores and help us make better use of our time – or sometimes waste it, if you are on to games and social media platforms! In order for these new technologies to be portable and give us the freedom of movement, they operate on either rechargeable or disposable batteries. Batteries have come a long way from huge…

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How Did A Scam Email Know My Real Password?

Did you receive one of your passwords as the subject line of an email in your junk mailbox and freaked out about it? Me too! And here’s my story: Yesterday I was checking my junk mailbox as usual because sometimes you do receive important emails in there. I noticed one of my old real passwords was the subject line on one of the emails. It was shocking and surprising to me. I didn’t know who these people were or how they managed to get my password. I opened the email…

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5 tech questions with answers IT Support & Managment 

Five Tech Questions Everyone Is Asking

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday life. The more we use it, the more problems we encounter and questions we ask that need answers. The following five questions in particular have become controversial amongst people around the world with many looking for the final true answers. In this article, we will share our opinion as tech professionals and help you unveil this mystery. 1- Should I really eject my USB driver? One of the highly controversial questions around the world and people have two very different opinions…

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Brexit IT Support & Managment 

The Impact of Brexit on The IT Industry

As we’re getting closer to 29th March 2019   12th  April 2019  31st October 2019 31st January 2020 where Brexit will be enforced, it’s important to discuss its impact on one of our country’s most promising sectors, which is the information and technology sector. The Aftershocks and The Current Situation In the immediate aftermath of the Brexit Vote, the currency rate of the pound against the Dollar and the Euro dropped dramatically. This affected the UK economy as a whole and the IT industry was no exception. A large amount of Hardware and Software…

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my business get hacked Guides Security 

If my business’ data gets hacked, am I liable?

Running a business in the digital era has introduced new tools, technology and marketing strategies that were not even possible 50 or 100 years ago. One of the basic requirements for today’s businesses is to have an online presence. That could be a page on social media platforms, a website or just some contact information on digital directories. Your online presence is key to reach more clients and grow your business. Your clients might contact you in many ways; create an account on your website, send you messages on social…

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Technology for new businesses Guides IT Support & Managment 

Must-have technology for new businesses

Whether you are staring as a sole trader or establishing a large company with many employees, one thing you need to consider is the type of computing infrastructure your business needs to run smoothly and effectively. Even though each business is unique in its identity and requirements, all today’s businesses need these basic technologies to start with: IT Consultant It’s the 21st century and with many technologies out there in the market, each of which has different specifications and purposes, having an IT consultant is a no brainer! Think about…

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CEO Fraud

What is CEO Fraud? CEO Fraud is a type of phishing in which the attackers impersonate the boss of a company and trick employees into wiring funds to them. CEO Fraud is usually achieved through one of these common four scenarios: 1- Someone impersonates the boss asking an employee to make a monetary transfer into a fraudster’s account. 2- Someone impersonates the IT services department of a bank saying they want to make a test transfer. 3- Someone claims to be a supplier that has changed their bank account details…

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Phishing Emails

What is a phishing email? A phishing email is an attempt to obtain sensitive and personal information from the email’s recipients, such as passwords and credit card details, or to deceive them into sending money to a fake bank account under false pretences. This is how it happens: You receive an email from what appears to be a familiar or trustworthy source like a known organisation in your area or a colleague asking you to make an action either by clicking a link, visiting a website, filling in your personal…

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GDPR business Business Continuity 

GDPR – Part 3: Preparing your business for the GDPR

What does my business needs to do to prepare for GDPR? Many of the GDPR’s main concepts and principles are much the same as those in the current Data Protection Act (DPA).  If you are currently complying with the DPA then most of your approach to compliance will remain valid under the GDPR, however, there are new elements and significant enhancements, so you will have to make various changes and do some things differently. The recommendations below will help you comply as they are provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office…

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GDPR the right of individuals Business Continuity 

GDPR – Part 2: The Rights of the Individual Explained

What is Personal Data? The GDPR applies to personal data of individuals residing in the EU or EU nationals working outside the EU. This is any information that can directly or indirectly identify an actual person, and can be in any format. In addition, the Regulation places much stronger controls on the processing of special categories of personal data. Personal Data Special categories of Personal Data Name Address Email address Photo IP address Location data Online behaviour (cookies) Profiling and analytics data Race Religion Political opinions Trade union membership Sexual…

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